Stream Fishing

You are wading in knee-high water, cold, clear, swift running.  Sun dapples the water, but mostly you are in shade, under a canopy of poplar,  rhododendron and mountain laurel.  Suddenly, a strike, a flash of color.  The brookie fights bravely, and once you hold him, you gently release him to fight another day.  You smile, knowing your day is complete.

Balsam Mountain Streams

The waters on Balsam Mountain are among the purest anywhere, so it's not surprising that our 38 miles of streams are home to the Southern Appalachian Brook Trout, a prized and rare species.

Strike out on your own in Dark Ridge Creek, or take a guided trip with one of our naturalists.  Our Outfitters Post in the Nature Center can supply you and your family with everything you need to experience the wonders of natural stream fishing.  We can provide guided fishing trips with one of our naturalists, and can even provide fly fishing lessons to help beginners get off to the right start. Residents can bring their own personal gear, or they can visit the Outfitters Post at the Nature Center and borrow everything from tents and sleeping bags to pots and pans.

The Anglers at Balsam

“My favorite spot on the property is Dark Ridge camp; we can cook out and camp, and the creek widens there so you can wade or do some fly fishing. It’s simply a wonderful spot to play with the family, cooking hot dogs and making s’mores.”
Joyce Ossman, Sylva, North Carolina

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