• Homesite 87

    Homesite 87 - $249,000

    Elevation: 3,930
    Acres: 1.92
    Views: West
    Highlights: High elevation property with long range western views. Easy driveway access and an easy build site. Located close to the Boarding House restaurant.

  • Homesite 181

    Homesite 181 - $195,000

    Elevation: 3,580
    Acres: 1.94
    Views: North, West
    Highlights: Beautiful views to the North, Northwest and Northeast. Great location adjacent to Licklog Falls, one of Balsam's prettiest waterfalls, providing serene water sounds from the creek below. Bordered on two sides by conservation land.

  • Homesite 152

    Homesite 152 - $399,000

    Elevation: 4,450
    Acres: 1.91
    Views: North, West, South
    Highlights: One of the highest elevation homesteads on the mountain! Beautiful 180 degree views to the West, North and South. Easy build site with gentle slope.

  • Homesite 71

    Homesite 71 - $199,000

    Elevation: 3,775
    Acres: 1.94
    Views: North, Northeast, East
    Highlights: At over 3,700 feet, this homesite delivers a dramatic sense of entry leading to a nice build site. Views of Sugarloaf Mountain and long range golf. Excellent location close to Balsam's hiking trail network and the club amenity core.

  • Homesite 73

    Homesite 73 - $229,000

    Elevation: 3,650
    Acres: 1.49
    Views: North, Northwest
    Highlights: With a limited number of properties located on the Arnold Palmer Signature course, this is a rare homesite located right on the 12th fairway. Enjoy both views and water sounds. Excellent location close to the club amenity core.

  • Homesite 104

    Homesite 104 - $200,000

    Elevation: 3,800
    Acres: 1.92
    Views: North, West
    Highlights: Very private homesite at 3,800 feet in elevation offers a true cabin in the woods setting with peaceful stream sounds from nearby Cashie Branch creek. The build site is nearly flat and is surrounded by a lush forest of rhododendron.

  • Homesite 61

    Homesite 61 - $299,000

    Elevation: 3,650
    Acres: 1.91
    Views: North, layered West
    Highlights: Beautiful layered western views and golf course views. Excellent location close to Balsam's hiking trail network and the club amenity core.

  • Homesite 153

    Homesite 153 - $425,000

    Elevation: 4,440
    Acres: 2.77
    Views:  East, West
    Highlights: I can see for miles and miles... Large, high elevation homesiite with easy build site and incredible views of both Sugarloaf Mountain and layered westerly views that expand from North to South.

  • Homesite 233

    Homesite 233 - $129,000

    Elevation: 3,360
    Acres: 1.84
    Views: North
    Highlights: Very private "Cabin in the Woods" setting with close mountain range views. Close to Balsam's hiking trail system.

  • Lot 265

    Homesite 265 - $239,900

    Elevation: 3,690
    Acres: 2.15
    Views: East, South
    Highlights: This homesite offers an extremely long, prived drive leading to a totally secluded homesite surround by conservation easement. Jump on the trail in your backyard and hike for hours.

  • Lot 220

    Homesite 220 - $250,000

    Elevation: 3,550
    Acres: 1.80
    Views: North, West
    Highlights: Spectacular North mountain range views and views of Plott Balsam Range.

  • Lot 108

    Homesite 108 - $225,000

    Elevation: 3,600
    Acres: 1.84
    Views: North, Northwest
    Highlights: Great flat buildsite with North and Northwest views. Located in the heart of the amenities, you can walk to the Boarding House and Balsam's trail system.

  • Lot 218

    Homesite 218 - $200,000

    Elevation: 3,730
    Acres: 2.17
    Views: North, South
    Highlights: Easy build site with gentle slope. Unique pricing opportunity and motivated seller.

  • Lot 257

    Homesite 257 - $250,000

    Elevation: 3,800
    Acres: 1.98
    Views: North, West
    Highlights: Compact but flat build site. Close to Dark Ridge Creek. Fishing, camping and hiking just outside your door.

  • Lot 192

    Homesite 192A - $225,000

    Elevation: 3,460
    Acres: 1.70
    Views: West, Northwest
    Highlights: This homesite is ready to build! Beautiful close range sunset views and close to the main gate and amenities. 

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