Cultural Arts Program

As part of its mission to introduce the Preserve's residents to a wide variety of lifelong learning opportunities, the Balsam Mountain Trust sponsors a nature and cultural arts program. Talented artists from across the country are invited to spend a week on the Preserve to become inspired by the intoxicating beauty of the mountains. The visiting artist creates different works in their particular specialty while in residence, and oftentimes will invite Preserve residents with an interest in art to accompany them on the mountain.

The week culminates with a presentation at the Nature Center, where the artist unveils the work they have completed while in residence, along with other pieces from their collection. The visiting artist will give residents a window into what inspires them, and invites questions and comments from the audience.  At the end of the presentation, the artist will donate one of the pieces they created during the week, some of which are on display in the Welcome Center.

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