Garnet Membership

Experience…the Balsam Life.

The Garnet Membership program is an invitation-only offering to enjoy the lifestyle at Balsam Mountain Preserve.

Welcome to the Mountain

Garnet Members can enjoy 90-days access to Balsam’s incredible array of amenities, including Palmer Signature Golf, fine dining, equestrian center, and riding trails, Dark Ridge Creek campsite, Ruby Valley Fitness and Wellness Pavilion, pool complex, tennis facilities, and exclusive social events.

An Investment in the Future

More than a traditional club, Garnet Memberships extend to spouses or significant others, children, parents, grandparents, and grandchildren. Plus, members will enjoy access to Balsam’s highly anticipated Base Camp, opening in 2020. This new thriving community center will include The Summit House & Mine Tavern, Activity Lawns, the Ruby City Organic Community Garden, and the recently opened Palmer Practice Park and Outpost for casual gatherings, and more.

Garnet Membership Form

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couple hiking together at Balsam Mountain Preserve
girl swimming in pool at Balsam Mountain Preserve
enjoying dinner at Balsam Mountain Preserve
learning about nature at Balsam Mountain Preserve
relaxing at the spa at Balsam Mountain Preserve
radishes picked from the garden at Balsam Mountain Preserve
mother and daughter doing yoga at Balsam Mountain Preserve
dad and son playing golf at Balsam Mountain Preserve