The Birds of Prey Program

The Birds of Prey program exists at Balsam Mountain Preserve due to the incredible fascination (and interest) humans have with these magnificent creatures, and as partial fulfillment of the Trust's mission.

There is no other program like this one in Western North Carolina, and the Trust has earned special distinction as a place where non-releasable birds of prey are taken in and cared for, and can be then utilized as educational ambassadors.  Birds ranging from a tiny eastern screech owl to a northern bald eagle complement the Trust's educational programs by providing audiences an up-close glimpse of some of planet Earth's most recognized and revered wild animals.

As part of the Trust's educational outreach mission, staff naturalists and their bird companions present programs to local schools and civic groups that open the doors of learning and understanding.  The Birds of Prey program is simply another layer that makes Balsam Mountain Preserve truly unlike any community you will ever experience.

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